Prayer stool and canvas story


The original creators of the prayer stool were my dad, Charles Owen Griffin, and my Uncle James Pruitt.  In the ‘70s, Dad was studying to be a pastor and attending the seminary, so money was tight.  He and my uncle put their heads together to think of ways to earn extra income…and the first prayer stool was born.  They enjoyed making many stools over the years but unfortunately did not SELL many.  While they didn’t earn much cash from their creations, the blessings they received from giving their prayer stools to family, friends and acquaintances were beyond measure.
Fast forward to 1987, Dad passed away at the young age of 45.  Years prior, Dad gave a prayer stool to his pastor.  Our family asked that same Pastor to lead Dad’s funeral.  In preparing for the service, he remembered the prayer stool given to him by my Dad many years before and the blessing it had been to him.  He drilled the prayer out of the stool and brought it to my Dad’s funeral and read it.  Tears flowed from my family as we remembered the prayer stools and heard the sweet prayer my father had for his pastor….God planted the seed in my heart right then regarding the prayer stools and what they meant to my family.

Fast forward again ~ 23 years later.  For several years, I felt God calling me to make prayer stools, like my Dad and Uncle James.  Life was busy, I was working full time, my children were active and I didn’t make time for God’s call.  When our youngest daughter, Katie, had the challenge of raising $3,000 for a mission trip to Tokyo I told her I would help her by making a few stools and trying to sell them at a craft show, if she would paint canvases to sell.  God blessed our efforts and her mission trip, which was totally funded by the sale of our stools and canvases.  God’s timing was perfect, as it always is! 
Now ~ we’re in the prayer stool business!  All proceeds from the sale of our stools and canvasses are donated to mission projects that our family deems worthy.  I would enjoy sharing with you some of the many ways God has blessed others through these little stools – from a medical mission in Kenya, to a ministry for children in Guatemala; from Tokyo, Japan to China; and in the homes of our extended family and our friends right here in the USA.  The blessing that God created in the minds of my Dad and Uncle James continues today – and that is a blessing to me!

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The purpose of the Prayer Stool:
~To be a blessing to others
~To pray for others
~To place your prayer inside the stool and give to others


-     On a small piece of paper, write a prayer for the recipient of the stool.
-     Remove the plug from the hole at the front of the stool. 
-     Roll the prayer into a tight cylinder and insert it in the hole.
-     Replace the plug, and hammer or glue it in the hole.
-     Complete the personalized note secured to the bottom of the stool.
-     Give the stool to a special person.
-     Share the story.
-     Enjoy God’s blessing.

All of the proceeds go to mission & charitable projects that our family deems worthy.  
Email me and I can give you an idea of what we have done so far

Thank you to everyone who has supported our canvases and prayer stools for mission projects.