Prayer Stools

Update: Summer 2012 we currently only have Light OakWe will begin our new batch of wood and stains in the Fall.Stools are approximately 11 x 13 on the top and 14-15 inches tall

Walnut, Cedar, & Dark Oak--(SOLD OUT)

Natural oak and stained oak,  (bottom stools)

On the bottom of the stool there is a small note.  It tells the stool recipient that you have placed a prayer inside the stool for them.  You sign the note at the bottom. 

Logo- located on the bottom left
corner of stool top.  The logo is
the same on all stools.

Light Oak (top left) is the only stool currently in stock.

New canvases

Thank you to everyone who has supported our canvases and prayer stools for mission projects.