Christmas 2008 Can't believe how this last year has flown by but also been so slow!
We did all the landscaping, which really means Nathan did it with a wheelbarrow and shovel.

Friends help

We had alot of friends help along the way and we TRULY appreciate each and everyone of you. Kenny, the Foreman takes a try at the floor buffer. Chuck the builder takes out a wall that we just put in?????
My mom, Carelton and her friend Pat cleans and paints the winding staircase.
Everyday we have lunch on the back porch.

Family room & fireplace

The livingroom and fireplace have come a long way.

kitchen before and after

One of the most rewarding things about building a house is looking back. You never think you will get to the end. Here is a progression of the kitchen. The cabinets are solid Hickory, they have alot of character which I really like.
The counters are granite, uba tuba, a very dark green / black.
We love the island it is the place we do everything. It has drawers, shelves, trashcans and a chair, each side is something different.
The sink is on the other side of the bar as well as the Jenn air downdraft is on the left below the bar. The double oven is on the left.


The deck was an addition, not on the original plans. It comes from the "bonus room" also not on the plans. It is very tall and overlooks the state park which is in the back ground. It is the place for beautiful sunsets and the girls do alot of homework out there.
We did all the tile work for the bathrooms. I think we did very well. We aren't really "jacuzzi" people but thought we needed one for resale value.