day 198- day 205 Sheetrock

living room, back door to patio and fireplace. Master bedroom with couffered (sp) ceiling View out back patio, state park
Amber's room upstairs Bonus room Kitchen and office to left Entryway looking toward front of house
Katie is wiring the internet in her room, wonder if it will work? Nick cutting out window in master Carlton framing in ceiling of bonus room looking into amber's room. amber's room
Where's Nathan?

day 195

Emma came to have a vacation with Carlton but somehow she is now cleanup girl. She is great to have around and help clean up. She also gives another female voice which is very important with all the boys around. We eat supper most of the time on the back porch. It is a nice cool break and then back to work. Nathan always has called this his ARK from the movie Evan Almight (which he has watched over 6 times) now it really looks like an ARK. this is a ramp that Carlton built to get sheet rock etc. in the upstairs.