day 188 brick done

It looks so finished with all the brick, siding, windows painting etc

done.....if only the inside looked that finished. and never mind the date on the camera,

it was dropped and is very confused.


Nothing like having your friends visit from Colorado and put them to work for THREE days.
It was a family adventure putting up sheetrock, cleaning window stickers, and insulation!

inside house day 185

Here are a few pictures of the inside.
We have now put paper on the floor to protect the etching and concrete since we are staining it. We are spraying in the sticky foam insulation in the exterior walls and ceiling you can see it in the exercise room picture. The first picture is inside the entry way looking into the kitchen, the second is the kitchen bar where the sink, bar and downdraft will be and the third is the exercise room behind the kitchen. You can see the spray foam on the walls and the bare osb yet to be sprayed above the window. Then we come back and put up insulation over the spray. YUCK for insulation!!


Things are happening fast now! The brick color is oyster and the roof color is weathered wood


The roof turned out sooooo pretty! They were quick!!

caulking with friends :-0

Nothing like an 8 hour day of CAULKING and CLIMBING
We invited a few friends over said, ever caulked before...
how do you feel about heights??? ladders???