Floor outlet STILL!!

This should be the final touches on the infamous "floor outlet" Now the electrician just needs to get is fed with wire and fill in the holes with cement. PRAISE GOD !! Over 40 man house and $1,000 later we have electricity !!!

day 164 inside house

This is some views from inside the house. The entryway is 20 feet high and you can see outside the middle dormer. The kitchen is in the middle of the house with a big bar and island.
The winding stair case is not in yet but it will go where the ladder is.

day 163 Felt roof and dormers

It is really coming together. When the two small dormers went up it started to look like the house that I had envisioned I wanted. This shows all four sides of the house. The siding is starting to go up on the right side.

day 151 working on floor outlet STILL

We are still trying to get the electrical through the floor. The electrician forgot to put in the outlets to the island and the great room floor! OOPPSS@@!!
At least some people are working :-)

day 148 working on chimney

Katie and Grandpa are putting the

osb on the side of the chimney that Carlton and nathan framed in. The next picture would have shown Katie "texting" her friends from on top of the roof but I put the camera down to yell at her :-)

day 149 chimney work

starting to frame in chimney, Caleb was alittle gun shy to stand up at first.

fireplace, attic, chimney, upstairs

Fireplace was delivered and Nathan wanted to put with his dad and build the chase for the chimney. It turned out really nice and not too dificult. The framers were surprised at the work of some "rookies".

attic, upstairs

There is A LOT of 2x4 -- 2x6 --- and 4 x a heck of a lot up there !!!

day 144

We have the beginnings of a roof! The house isn't progressing everyday very dramatically. They are on track and doing allot of work but it is small details that are not very visible.
Amber was sitting in her window contemplating where to place her furniture!! (maybe a little early for that?)