Gotta have fun

day 128 upstairs & dormer

When you enter the house the entryway actually goes up 20 feet into the middle dormer. It is a very nice entryway. There will be two smaller dormers on each side that will just open into the attic. The upstairs is only above the 4 car garage
and there will be a game room, kitchenette, bathroom and Amber's room. At end will be an entrance into the attic area which will be fully accessible clean storage.

Pulling Electric

Can you connect a black and red together???? Step away from the wires Kenneth!!! We are pulling our own electric for the metal building. We had our electrician out checking everything over and of course warned us of burning down the building. Katie is a hard worker but we aren't so sure about Carlton and Kenneth?????


The rafters are HUGE!!! Way to COOL !!!
Caleb and Amber
are surveying the upstairs gameroom.

framing changes

We have been very busy working on the building and house. Some of the fine details are not noticeable but took alot of time to accomplish. We have been working on getting the metal building finished since about Jan. 20th. The doors will come in a week. Today they were getting all the wiring done and lights up. To the left of the main door is a small bathroom and bedroom. Everyone says Nathan is building himself a great dog house. We are trying to make any changes to the framing ourselves to save money. When a contractor hears "change" they say CHACHING !!! We wanted to add windows in the garage and to make a window inside higher so we did it ourselves. Do you know what a "crippler" is????? I do!!!! :-)

metal bldg. back of house

Metal bldg is coming along nicely, maybe tomorrow we will have a roof! This building started out to be the boys "play shop" just for the boys. Ok, so that leaves me more garage space, great. Then I came one day and it had plumbing....well,,,, everyone can use more bathrooms and that would keep them out of the house. NOW it has a room, a bedroom with walls and a roof.....I think Nathan is making himself a very very nice DOG HOUSE.. which he is quickly making his way INTO!!! Back of house

framing day 113

Great room ceiling
We feel like there is alot of progress being made on the framing.
The framers get so much done and know what they are doing. We have a few ceiling joists up and that adds alot of dimention.
Amber has been waiting patiently for any of her second story to go up so she can see it but it is still alittle ways away.

We have WALLS !!! Day 107

I went on a small 5 day vacation and came home to WALLS!!! I might need to leave again!
Nathan thought he might need a shower on his way to work. (really it is for the metal shop)