building storm shelter

We have a FEMA approved storm shelter/safe room inside of the house. It is in Nathan's closet. (I wasn't giving up ANY closet space, even for a tornado)!! it is a pretty cool room and the whole house will blow over before this will get crushed/blown over/demolished etc. The earth would have to open up and suck it under for it to go away. It is bolted in to the concrete, strapped to the concrete, double 2x4 construction all around plus all strapped to eachother with metal straps, 2 layers of 3/4inch plywood going in opposite directions and did I mention all layered in STEEL. Every 4 inches there is a screw around all the layers and every 6 inches screwed on the interior. It has a double steel door with 3 deadbolts. Bring on the tornado!! Amber had a college friend over for the long weekend.....after screwing through steel about 400 times, she might not come back!!!


Anonymous said…

1. This room doesn't look big enough for all of "us" to fit in, you need an addition, already.

2. Who has a lawn chair with a pillow in it on the job site???? This is usually not allowed in such environments.