metal bldg going up DAY 100 Caleb

We have alot of our metal bldg. up. Caleb, John, Doug (coworkers) and I did alot of the overhead beams. The next day Nathan, his dad and others did more work.

Inside Shelter

building storm shelter

We have a FEMA approved storm shelter/safe room inside of the house. It is in Nathan's closet. (I wasn't giving up ANY closet space, even for a tornado)!! it is a pretty cool room and the whole house will blow over before this will get crushed/blown over/demolished etc. The earth would have to open up and suck it under for it to go away. It is bolted in to the concrete, strapped to the concrete, double 2x4 construction all around plus all strapped to eachother with metal straps, 2 layers of 3/4inch plywood going in opposite directions and did I mention all layered in STEEL. Every 4 inches there is a screw around all the layers and every 6 inches screwed on the interior. It has a double steel door with 3 deadbolts. Bring on the tornado!! Amber had a college friend over for the long weekend.....after screwing through steel about 400 times, she might not come back!!!

First Walls!!!

This is the "safe room or Storm shelter" it is inside of a closet and will be reinforced with steel, double 2x4's, steel plated and bolted into the concrete and a steel door with 3 dead bolts. We are doing this part of the construction ourselves.

dig a ditch for water

Who knew that in the plumbing bid the ditch to bring water to the house would not be included??? So.......we picked up our shovels, pics, and hoes and began digging......NOT FUN!!! but now done!! and it passed inspection!! (who needs a plumber)?

etched concrete

We are etching the concrete and staining it ourselves. The design is 36 x 36 squares with a border around all the outer
walls. The entry has diamonds.

septic system

Who knew that it was going to take the WHOLE back yard to get rid of our "poo"

Not part of house building but family stuff!! Cry of the Martyr Band

Caleb has started a band with his friends. A Christian Rock band, this was their debut concert which raised money for charity. It was alittle too loud for my taste but is makes a mom proud to hear her sons testimony and those of his friends. The bands name is Cry of the martyr.

Moving Dirt & Cleaning up

The boys rented a front end loader to move our mountains of dirt and cleanup the leftover cement. Ever wonder where the leftover cement goes from a cement truck?? We don't wonder anymore. We have about 4 piles of cement that need to be moved (buried)!! This machine was a "piece", after the first day the only way to get it to go forward was to honk the horn. The neighbors were loving that around 7pm sunday.

day 62 - 76

Katie and Amber are resting after working for over 6 hours moving dirt and clearing rock from around the edges of the workshop. Katie is in her room where her bed will go and Amber is on the front porch. To the right of Katie is her and Calebs shared bathroom between their rooms. Nathan is taking a break from digging the water line from the road to the house. Who knew that would NOT be included in the plumbers bid? So alot of people are wondering why we haven't posted???? The answer is rather simple...there hasn't been alot going on!!! You will notice in some of the pics rather large piles of dirt around the place, Nathan and Caleb moved all of those with a front end loader from one of the contractors then they rented one. They brought is up around the foundation to help fill in where the back yard and side yards will go. On the front looking at the entryway to the left and the kitchen is where the big pipe with black top is sticking up. The family room is the right. The office is directly in front of me. I am standing in the master bedroom looking at the master closets and bathroom area and beyond that the laundry room/ guest bath and even further back the 4 car garage. Back porch getting poured