May 2007

We hired someone to uproot the trees, cactus, mesquite and move it into piles.
We then.... had to take care of loading and disposing of the piles.
I also need to point out that I took a week off of work, the kids were just out of school, it was the Memorial Day Weekend and....most of all, our 23rd wedding anniversary!! Anyway you look at it, it was 5 days of pure back breaking work, Can you say "Sweat equity"?
I think it was something like a MILLION trips to the dump... maybe only 20, I lost count.
I guess the rule is if you have to rent a "machine" or buy a tool it was a good project!
We rented a: chipper, dump trailer, and bobcat. We bought: an axe, chainsaw, pitchfork, wheel barrel, shovel, and tons of gloves. Must of been one HECKOFA, project!