day 43 plumbing & footers, cement on Tuesday

It is looking more like a house now, instead of a nice compacted pile of dirt. The framing for the retaining wall is what you see all around. The footers for the house have been dug, the plumbing has all been laid. How do you know they did it right? Hmmm. maybe we should measure today? We passed the plumbing inspection. The a/c people come out today to lay the vents for the downdraft in the foundation. The cement should start on Tuesday. The metal building/shop arrived and is in piles on the ground.

concrete support wall forms

The right side of the land had to be brought up 5 feet because of the land slope. This is the retaining wall for the side of the house. It will eventually be covered with soil and landscaping. There will be steps up onto the front porch.

Day 33 Playing, Climbing, Wall building

The girls had a great time climbing in the footer trenches, balancing on the form walls, and playing king of the hill!!

example house

This is the house that we really liked and wanted our house to be like. When we took our builder to it and showed him come to find out, he built it!!! So we tweeked the plans to fit our needs, and I guess we will see if it comes out similar!

day 32 Not enough happening!!!

The cement guys blame it on the plumber the plumber can't work because of the cement guy. Heaven forbid we ask the a/c people to come run a pipe!!
But we did get a PORTA POTTY!!

day 26

Day 26 and you see that there has not been a post since day 11 and no pics? Maybe because THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON!! Only alittle frustrated of taking pics of dirt!!

day 9-11

Who knew you would have to go out everyday to measure and make sure the house is in the right spot???? We are definitely ready to add some cement and get rid of the dirt!! It shouldn't be more than a week to start the cement footers.
The "pad" must get to the little orange tie on the rebar on the front right corner. Haul in the dirt!

Day 5

The "dirt guy" wants to make the house lower and the builder thinks it should be higher.....
we are going with the builder and make the house higher to prevent any flooding.
Decisions decisions. I know it doesn't look like alot
differnt but it really has changed alot. (builder in his truck on the right, Chuck) Great guy!! He calls it "our house"

Day 4

So they did have the house pad placed wrong on the land.....oops!
Now they are bringing in more dirt and moving it over.
The right side of the house will have a 6foot pad under it and the left side will have an 8 inch pad because of the slope of the land...weird.

Day three

We needed to check the placement of the house, driveway, garages, and workshop on the land.
It isn't right... I guess we will have our builder check it out in the morning. It seems everything needs to be moved over to the left about 10 feet. I am not sure if we will call this mistake #1 yet.

Day one Oct. 19

Groundbreaking eve

We are scheduled to breakground on Oct. 19, 2007.
We will call this construction day 1.
Let's see how many days this actually takes!
God Bless our new home!

Bobcat video

Bobcat instructions

May 2007

We hired someone to uproot the trees, cactus, mesquite and move it into piles.
We then.... had to take care of loading and disposing of the piles.
I also need to point out that I took a week off of work, the kids were just out of school, it was the Memorial Day Weekend and....most of all, our 23rd wedding anniversary!! Anyway you look at it, it was 5 days of pure back breaking work, Can you say "Sweat equity"?
I think it was something like a MILLION trips to the dump... maybe only 20, I lost count.
I guess the rule is if you have to rent a "machine" or buy a tool it was a good project!
We rented a: chipper, dump trailer, and bobcat. We bought: an axe, chainsaw, pitchfork, wheel barrel, shovel, and tons of gloves. Must of been one HECKOFA, project!

Let the demolition BEGIN

Beautiful Sunset

March 2007

The land we fell in love with...


This is the very back of our land. Our land backs up to the state park so we will never have any neighbors behind us.....but....... can you say "CRITTERS". Deer, snakes, scorpions etc. are frequent visitors!
Nathan and I look very happy here... hopefully we will still be smiling over the next 6 months!